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Medical Disclaimer

The information provided on this site is to be used as a reference source only. The site author does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information nor in any way endorse or recommend any specific individuals, medical professionals, or course of treatments listed. In no event shall the site author be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on this information nor does your use of this information constitute the offering of medical advice by the site author.

Always seek the advice and supervision of a health care provider when considering medical information on this site and all web sites that you access from this site.

Content Review Disclosure

All medical content contained on this website is reviewed by physicians prior to placing it live online. In addition, all comments and suggestions submitted to me by medical professionals is taken into serious consideration and shared with physicians that would be deemed their peers for proper review and necessity of content change. When and if errors are discovered in the content OR if evolving medical information changes the basis of content provided herein, it is my extreme desire to update and keep this information current and every effort is made to correct the information immediately. The date of update appears on the bottom of every page as an indicator of timeline when the page was last reviewed.

Information contained in My Journal is excluded from medical review (for accuracy in medical detail) as it represents my own, very personal, journey through the medical system and my perspectives over all of my medical care. If information or my observations found on those pages are inaccurate, it is because the information presented to me at the time was inaccurate or misunderstood by me. I believe it to be extremely important that physicians read and develop an understanding of how patients perceive and assimilate information given to them in consults. In addition, I don't believe my experiences to be unique -- and putting those experiences into My Journal online has proven to me that thousands of women have had similar experiences. To date, I've received well over 15,000 emails on the subject of uterine fibroids. Many of them in direct response to the information contained in My Journal.

Financial Disclosure

This website was conceived by me and paid for by me. Every penny. While my daughter did help me with the launch and I have paid 2 graphic artists for their artwork, all other work required in the development of this website was done by me. Physicians who do a content review of specific webpages for this website receive no financial remuneration and, in turn, I receive no funding from any of them. Physician reviewers represent over a dozen medical specialties related to women's reproductive health care and are located at major medical institutions all over the world.

There is currently one affiliate program running on this website which brings in a nominal amount of income to support this site.

This website costs me approximately $250/year in web hosting fees, another $300/year in software upgrades to work with evolving web tools, $300/year to access the Internet on a daily basis, and time expended on keeping the content up-to-date is approximately 10 hours per week. The cost of outsourcing graphic artwork varies and can be quite expensive -- from $100/image to $1,000/image. Hence, the limited amount of artwork available for viewing from this site. As a professional writer who works contractually, all hardware tools necessary to complete the task of creating and placing this website online were already in my possession prior to the development of this website and are not used exclusively for purposes related to this website.

Linking sex, lies, and uterine fibroids to your website

Recently I've encountered a number of occasions where website developers have linked this website onto their webpage. This is perfectly okay with me -- HOWEVER, I would sincerely request that you NOT attempt to link to individual pages but rather to the entire website as a whole. In other words, please link to and not to individual pages. When individual pages are linked, the left frame menu does not appear and does not provide a comprehensive road map for new visitors.

While I do understand that some users of older versions of AOL do not see content in the left frame and must navigate through the links at the top of the page, that is NOT the case for the majority of visitors. Please give the majority of the visitors to this site the opportunity to view it within it's intended design framework. Thank you.

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