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My Choice

Fibroids Suck

Okay. I know I can be more articulate than that and possibly even use a word that doesn't offend people. But, the truth is simple. 

Fibroids suck

They suck the life right out of you. Oh yeah--they start out small. . .but, if left "unattended," they can end by enlarging your uterus to the size of a basketball. In the process, they can:

and let's not forget the item I call the DUH! factor:

PMS from Planet Pluto

It's not "normal" PMS. It's a direct result of estrogen-run-amok or, quite possibly, progesterone-nowhere-to-be-seen (do the doctors even really know?) and it's from way beyond the outer region of anything you thought you could ever experience. Who wouldn't have PMS with a list like this? It gives me PMS just reading the list!  DUH! 

So. You think I'm making this stuff up?  Well think again.  The items identified on this page are only my short list. 

So.  Why me?  It's a whiny mantra that doesn't buy me anything these days.  It won't buy you anything either. Oh, your doctor probably has a theory or two. . .mine gave me the following list printed in a pamphlet:

Do you buy this crap, er, I mean list? I didn't and I don't. I was never obese until after I developed fibroids. I'm not a diabetic.  I don't smoke.  I used to bicycle 20 miles a day (before fibroids). We all have stress. Oh, I've met women who fit some of this profile. But I've met more women that simply don't.

"Calling the Fibroid Research Department.  Hello?  Yes, um, can you tell me the names of the individuals responsible for the research that went in to the development of the 'Fibroid Potential' list?  Uhhumm.  I see.  Well, can you tell me how this list was developed or how large of a sampling of population was used?  Uhhumm.  I see."  Click. 

Are you beginning to get the picture? Here's my completely, unsubstantiated, non-objective opinion: it's a "which came first--the chicken or the egg" sort of deal. Did the uterine fibroids develop because of my "healthstyle" -- or, did the "healthstyle" develop as a result of the uterine fibroids? And, just where in the world are my hormones in this whole picture? All in all, I would really like to know just one thing: why did my hormones start running amok without my permission??? Now that is the million dollar question. Right next to: If the why is known, can the treatment for prevention be somewhere close by?

Enough already. Do you really want to know what my choice was?

On November 2, 1998, I underwent uterine artery embolization. UAE. Performed by Dr. Scott Goodwin at the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center. It was not an easy decision. Years and years of the Ignore It route. A few years of the Alternative Remedies route. And, finally, the Research route. I did not want a hysterectomy. Not a single doctor along the way recommended myomectomy or would agree to perform one when questioned about it as an option. Along the way, doctors made all of the following statements to me:

I could go on. Every doctor had their say. Criminy. Even my ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor told me to get a hysterectomy after consulting with my internist about my chronic sinusitis. What the hell is this? A hysterectomy conspiracy among medical practitioners?

If you want to learn more about why I chose UAE, you'll have to read My Journal. A lot went into the process of making "the decision." But, it was MY CHOICE. And MY CHOICE was based on my reasoning and my medical situation.

YOUR CHOICE should be just that. YOUR CHOICE.

Your Choice


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