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It's not my choice, it's not your mother's choice, it's not your co-worker's choice, it's not your spouses' choice, and, it is most definitely not your doctor's choice. . .it's YOUR choice. As you meander along the pathways of "trying to figure it all out," you may seek out the advice of a wide variety of people. Ultimately, never lose sight of the fact that YOU are the only person who will have to live with the consequences of the choice you make.  

It's truly unfortunate that doctors don't comprehend the concept of personal consequences in medical decision-making. It's a simple concept--THEY don't have to live out the end results of your choice--YOU do.

If a hysterectomy is an option you have been given and it is what you believe is necessary to treat your medical problem, then have a hysterectomy.  Don't let anyone else attempt to lay their perspective over the importance of yours. If UAE is an option that you believe viable in your situation, then don't listen to Sally Sue, the meddlesome co-worker who simply can't understand why you just don't have a hysterectomy and be "done with it." Make the choice that fits you, your medical condition, and, your emotional ability to live with the consequences of your choice.

Go into your choice educated and with your eyes wide open.  Know your condition, your options, the potential outcome of each of those options, and the consequences (good or bad) that you may have to live with for the remainder of your life. Never, ever lose sight of the fact that it is YOUR life.Medical Disclaimer--AGAIN!!!My Choice


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