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The embo chat group was started in June 1998 for patients who have undergone or are considering uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) for the treatment of their uterine fibroids. It is moderated by Esther Massimini. Dr. Robert Worthington-Kirsch, an interventional radiologist in Philadelphia, has been on the list group from the beginning, posting email and responding to women's questions. This chat group is truly meant for positive support and can be extremely beneficial to women who simply need their fears calmed. If you're straddling on the fence between myomectomy and UFE, this list group will attempt to push you over to the UFE side. (Sorry guys, but it's true.) If you simply and truly need positive, reassuring support for the decision you've made to undergo UFE, this is the forum that will give it to you.


This list is for the discussion of Uterine Artery Embolization for the treatment of uterine fibroid tumors. It is meant to inform persons who are planning to have this procedure done, and for those who have experienced the procedure to share their experience and successes/problems.

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After subscribing, you may want to sign onto the website and read the archives from the web. This task may be tedious and daunting however as many posts are simply one or two line sentences of support. Still, there is much to be gained from reading about the kind of support women are giving one another from a list group such as this. Subscribe to GYN-ONCSubscribe to uterinefibroids


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