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My Journal

February 1999

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Sunday, 14 February 1999

Rich gives me a beautiful card and flowers and we all go out to Sunday brunch. His love letter to me is remarkable and I love him now more than ever.

Dear Carla,

The thought of you fills my every day. Your presence occupies every corner of my mind. Every idle moment brings thought of you.

Every love song carries your touch. Every mile I travel brings me back to you. At the end of the day I feel you next to me as I race home. I feel your touch, your hair, the pressure of your body against mine. The race to be with you lifts my thought above the roadway and only the speedometer cropping 75 causes a reality check.

It is difficult to say in words how much I love you Carla. The roots run so deep and so wide. You are in every corner of my soul. Without you I'm incomplete. When we are apart the world is not right. It is life out of balance. We are together forever. In this life and the next and all the others.

Love you Carla Dionne
Now and Forever

Friday, 19 February 1999

Today, at lunch, I came home to pick up the mail and discovered a "letter" from Dr. Bruce McLucas--my referring gyn for the UAE--he is NOT my gyn today. The letter read as follows:

February 16, 1999

Dear Ms. Dionne:

Our records indicate that it has been six weeks since your pelvic embolization. It is important for your health that you have a pelvic ultrasound to measure the following:

If you are having difficulty arranging this study, please call me so we can coordinate with your local physician.

If you have already had a six-week ultrasound done, please have the results sent to our office by fax or by mail. If you have any questions, please call us at 310-208-2442.

Your sincerely, (sic)
Bruce McLucas, M.D.

The letter was personally signed by Dr. McLucas. I received it today--the 19th. The man is unbelievable. Keeping with "who I am" I felt compelled to send Dr. McLucas the following response:

Dear Bruce honey,

Just received your form letter informing me that it's been six weeks since my pelvic embolization. That's interesting--mostly because I thought it had been more like 16 weeks since my pelvic embolization. . .

Your indication that "It is important for your health that you have a pelvic ultrasound to measure the following:

fails to explain to me, how, exactly, this information is important for my health. I can easily understand how it might contribute to your data collection--but I simply cannot see my way to understanding how it might be important to my health.

Let me get one thing very clear with you, Bruce honey. You are no longer my physician of choice. I don't like you. You completely ignored me when I was in your presence (too busy taking incoming phone calls, making outgoing phone calls, answering email, setting up other appointments, yelling at staff, etc.) and you bore me with your ridiculous correspondence. Please go away.

And one other thing. I will not now nor will I EVER give permission to ANY physician that I am seeing or sharing personal medical information with to send you test results, correspond with you regarding my condition, or, even speak casually with you about me. Never.

Carla Dionne

P. S. I asked you when you prescribed Provera to me whether or not it had any side effects. You stated ". . .none that I know of. Let me know if you experience any. . .". As a gynecologist, are you honestly that ignorant? Or, do you simply assume your patients are?

Now, normally I wouldn't be so blunt to a physician. Normally, I would just disappear into the woodwork and not return to any physician that I deemed to be less than desirable. But, Dr. McLucas has earned a *special* place in my heart and mind because I don't think that I've EVER encountered a physician so well known and yet so rudely non-responsive to his patients. I do not exaggerate in the least when I write that I would go into shaking spells accompanied with excessive tears after each visit to this man's medical practice. He has earned my bluntness 100 fold. . .and, this is NOT the first time that I've attempted to communicate with him that I do not care for any further contact! March 1999January


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