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Endometriosis is the growth of tissue from the endometrium into parts of the pelvis where it does not belong. When it grows, this tissue can be found throughout the abdominal cavity and typically engulfs the internal organs.

The result of all of this unwanted and misdirected tissue growth can be extremely painful periods, chronic pelvic pain, pain with sex, painful bowel movements, and constant backache (to name just a few symptoms!). Those symptoms combined with uterine fibroids make for a very low quality of life for the woman who is unfortunate enough to experience both at the same time.

Endometriosis and resulting symptoms are heavily impacted by a woman's menstrual cycle. The ebb and flow of the hormonal tide in a month seems to play a role in both growth of endometriosis and the severity of symptoms experienced. There is no "cure" for endometriosis and even hysterectomy cannot prevent the return of this disease within the pelvis.

Treatment options are limited and generally involve progesterone, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists or birth control pills. Several, extremely experienced, laparoscopic surgeons have reported excellent results with laparoscopic removal of endometriosis tissue--but these skilled surgeons are a rarity.

When fibroids are present along with endometriosis, this presents a treatment dilemma. Use of hormonal remedies is problematic as these very remedies that might help with endometriosis may also cause the fibroids to grow. Except for GnRH, which, of course, cannot be used for more than six months.

With uterine artery embolization research there was tremendous hope that this procedure might be beneficial to patients with endometriosis. Alas, it is not. In fact, UAE is not recommended as a treatment option for women with endometriosis as it simply does not resolve the pain issues and may, quite possibly, contribute to infections requiring hysterectomy. While there has been some endometriosis research, truly it is limited.

Early studies looking at mifepristone as an option were extremely promising but were discontinued when researchers found it impossible to obtain the drug. Clearly, we need more research. If you are a researcher interested in possibly doing studies on mifepristone and endometriosis, please send me email. If I can help, I will. We need this research. Desperately.

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