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While current research has shown that hormonal therapy doesn't seem to contribute to the growth of uterine fibroids, there does seem to be an exception to this statement. Normally, when a woman goes through menopause her production of estrogen shuts down and her fibroids shrink and her symptoms virtually disappear.

Unfortunately, many postmenopausal women with fibroids then begin taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I write the word "unfortunately" for a reason. Several studies have now shown that abnormal bleeding in post-menopausal women can occur when fibroids resume growing with the introduction of HRT into a woman's system.

Many women find themselves at odds dealing with either menopausal symptoms or continued fibroid symptoms. Furthermore, any abnormal bleeding in the post-menopausal years invariably always leads to a recommendation for hysterectomy due to the higher risk of the presence of cancer. This is true even when it is quite possible that HRT taken to treat menopausal symptoms may have simply invoked regrowth and symptoms of the fibroids which, without the use of HRT, might not be symptomatic at all due to the menopausal reduction of hormones. Should you find yourself in the midst of this dilemma, don't be afraid to have a thorough discussion of your cancer risks and treatment options available with your physician.

For instance, if you are taking HRT to treat menopausal symptoms but find a sudden reintroduction of fibroid symptoms as a result, perhaps switching to natural or alternative remedies will give you the menopausal relief you need without the corresponding fibroid growth/symptoms. You won't know, however, without a little bit of trial and error and this, of course, always takes time. Carefully consider all of your risks and options before making a decision and, once again, always seek out a second physician opinion prior to agreeing to any surgical remedies.

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